The California Legislature, with a Democratic supermajority, reconvened in the state Capitol May 4. Their second day back in office, with a pandemic raging around them, Democrats introduced a bill to bring back race preferences.

Bill ACA-5, which “would allow for sex and race to be considered for state positions once again,” including university admissions and public employment, was brought to the table by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber and Assemblyman Mike Gipson, both Democrats, and stamped for recommendation to the State Assembly and Senate floor by the Assembly Public Employment Committee that same day.

It was instantly clear that Weber had been preparing during the pandemic to push this bill through as quickly as possible, as the hearing in the Labor Committee was accompanied by nearly 100 on-script leftist California organizations calling in to say how “strongly” they supported ACA-5, despite the legislature having not even debated the measure yet.