We all know the name George Floyd, and rightly so.

We also know the names of several other black people who have died while in police custody. This has ignited the Black Lives Matter movement, and we all agree that, of course, black lives matter.

But the backers of BLM seem to have a very large blind spot about which black lives matter.

They strongly support abortion, which has been a genocide for black babies.

They don’t seem to care about black cops killed or maimed by rioters. They show little concern for black business owners and homeowners victimized by the violence they encourage. We barely hear a word about the thousands of black victims of gang killings.

And they, and the TV networks that promote them, have done little to nothing to help us learn the name of Bernell Trammell.

Bernell Trammell was a 60-year-old black resident of Milwaukee who was a well-known community activist who backed police reform and other liberal issues.

But lately, he had declared that Obama did nothing for black Americans while “Trump at least had, whether the will of God or his own inspiration, to do something that no president has ever done and that’s why he’s got my vote.”

And so he had started showing up at public events holding signs supporting Trump. He knew this might make him a target, but he said, “No fear, come what may.”

Do you think the Black Lives Matter movement really cares about all black lives?